Mark Hunter
Leading Sales Expert & Speaker
Before embarking on being an independent consultant, I spent 18 years in the sales and marketing divisions of three Fortune 100 companies. The skills I learned then (not to mention the ones I�m still learning today) are too good to keep to myself. I am committed to showing companies how to maximize their prices and stop discounting. I outline strategies that get at the core of what customers really want and need. Truth is, so many salespeople don�t know their customers� real needs. Isn�t that crazy? I travel nationally and internationally 240 days a year, working with global leaders like Coca-Cola, Kawasaki, Sara Lee, Mattel, Unilever and Godiva. I am known for my high-energy presentations that result in measurable ROI for my clients. That�s what it really comes down to. This isn�t about simply making a sales staff feel motivated, it�s about equipping them with skills and approaches that really bring results. (source)